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Why do promotional products work so well?

August 10, 2022

Why do promo products work so well? It's not rocket science.

Nearly 85% of people do business with a company that has given them a promotional product. 

So it's no wonder the promotional products industry takes in $23 billion annually. 

Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, General Motors, and AT&T spend $85 million, $80 million, and $58 million on these gifts.

Promotional products work very well for businesses.

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But why do promotional products work so well? 

To understand the "why" behind the success of promotional products marketing, we've put together this article to share the top 5 reasons why promotional products work so well for businesses. So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

Give first and take second.

When you give something to someone, they usually feel the need to reciprocate and give something back. People think you have done something good for them and want to help you.

Promotional products create this cycle of reciprocity in customer relationships. Businesses and advertisers give away promotional products, and customers appreciate them and tend to do business with the companies that gave them the promotional products.

Why promotional products work so well

It's not just about reciprocity; giving away promotional items also encourages customer loyalty. When customers see that you care about them and give them things that solve their problems, they are more loyal to your business and stay with you longer.

Think about it: Would you rather stay with a bank that gives you free pens, piggy banks, and other things when you enter their branch, or would you go to a bank where you don't get any giveaways? You know the answer!

Low cost, high return

Promotional products cost much less than expensive social media advertising or overpriced options like TV ads or banner ads. You can order them in bulk and benefit from the price advantages of economies of scale.

In return for the costs you incur, the benefits are significantly higher compared to other advertising media. For example, you can spend $10,000 on Facebook ads, which typically increase brand awareness for 3-10 weeks, or you can spend the same amount on buying promotional items, which can increase brand awareness for up to 6-12 months.

Nearly 6 out of 10 customers keep the promotional products given to them for more than two years. This is a clear sign that having your promotional products "in circulation" with your prospects and customers has a positive long-term impact.
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Exposure through the number of impressions

Promotional products get a lot of exposure through the number of impressions they create. With digital ads, these impressions only last for the campaign's duration, but the promotional products are still exposed to many eyes as long as potential customers use them.

Think about it: If you are a travel supplier and give away a backpack to a traveler, your brand name and logo will be noticed by other travelers who see it with your great promotional tote bag. The power of this kind of visual branding and use is unmatched and imprints itself on the subconscious of potential customers, which can lead to them doing business with you.

Build the brand with JMR Promo

Building a brand is about creating an idea of who you are in the minds of your ideal customers. For example, when you think of Apple, you think of innovation, cutting-edge technology, and thinking differently. When you think of Nike, you think of athleticism and the spirit of "just doing it."

Promotional products have the advantage of being remembered. More than 89% of people remember the advertiser's name two years after receiving a promotional item. And that means they are highly effective for building a brand.

If you want to be known for something or want people to take notice of you, promotional products are for you!

They solve a problem.

Last but not least, promotional products solve a problem for your customers. Unlike promotional messages that only entertain for a brief moment, promotional products become part of your customers' daily lives, in their private and professional lives.

When something becomes part of a person's life, it plays an essential role in influencing their actions. This is especially true if the promotional item they use is personalized.

Why promotional products work so well - branded USBs

For example, if they use a pen with their name or a mug with a personal message unique to them.
This goes a long way in ensuring they use your promotional products, so they will always think of you. Dentists often use promotional products for their clients to remind them to brush or floss their teeth and remember the dentist at the same time.

Do You Agree With This Article??

Promotional products are a fantastic way to build relationships with your audience in a cost-effective and long-term way. Don't just invest for the return but also for the real and meaningful relationships you will make with your audience over time. Invest in these products because we're sure they'll benefit your business too.


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